Have you seen every kind of physician and specialist and still have not gotten results? Are you frustrated with medications with side effects and no ultimate resolution? If you have thought about seeing a functional medicine practitioner but do not quite understand how they differ from a conventional doctor, you must hear this podcast!

In this Episode, Ali will walk through 3 common imbalances including High Cholesterol, GERD or Reflux/Heartburn, and Depression and discusses:
-What the imbalance is on a biochemical/physiological level
-The typical treatment, shortcomings and common side effects
-The functional medicine approach to treatment including diet interventions, what labs to run, and suggested supplementation.

Also covered in this episode:
● Redefining cholesterol
● Inflammation
● Hypochlorhydria
● What is an SSRI? and how does it work
● Amino acid replacement therapy

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