Insulin resistance is on the rise in America and often is deemed the primary precursor to diabetes. Learn about this important hormone and how it functions in the body as well as the role of excessive or inadequate insulin response. Ali will identify the primary causes of insulin resistance and help you navigate around them for optimal insulin and blood sugar response.

Beyond insulin, learn about the organs and hormones involved in blood sugar response including the liver, the pancreas, and the cellular response. Learn about the influence of unmanaged blood sugar levels and side effects of hyperinsulinemia which leads to hyperglycemia, and ultimately diabetic complications. Understand the role of micronutrients in your body’s insulin sensitivity and ability to use insulin in carbohydrate and glucose control.

Also covered in this episode:

  • The role of diet products and artificial sweeteners

  • Ali’s take on stevia

  • Dietary approaches to manage insulin resistance

  • Supplement recommendations to aid in insulin response

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  1. Hello ladies. I have a1c of 5.5 but my fasting sugars are still 120 in the mornings. I’m on a ketogenic diet. I’m not on any medicine. What would you suggest I take and how much and when during the day ? Thanks so much. I’m gonna make an app with you but I’m saving up for the first app cost. ?

    • Hey Dawn!
      Are you certain you are in ketosis? Have you assessed your values of output of ketone bodies? Because if you are not the fasting elevation is likely due to gluconeogenesis process where your liver dumps sugar with lack of glucose. If you aren’t fully keto adapted then you may want to have an evening snack with a resistant starch and fat to hold things over and improve your fasting BG. Looking forward to working with you!

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