The immune system is the body’s surveillance and defense system that works to protect the body from invaders such as: pathogens from bacteria, parasite, and virus, abnormal tissue such as tumors and more.  It is the immune system’s job to upregulate the cellular players to fight off these compounds and regulate inflammatory response. When the immune system is compromised, however, our defense system is down and we are more susceptible to imbalance leading to chronic illness, autoimmune disease, inflammatory disease, Cancer and other conditions.

In this episode Ali will talk about the key players in the immune system including Natural Killer Cells, White Blood Cell macrophages, T-cells, lymphocytes and the different defense systems the body has in place to protect against invasion; surface barriers, inflammation, chemical and adaptive cells.

Ali will also  discuss what it means to have a compromised immune function or higher susceptibility to cold and flu, emphasizing HPA axis regulation, sleep, micronutrients and her best remedies if prevention is not enough.


Also covered in this episode:

  • Probiotics and the Immune system connection
  • Ali’s favorite natural remedies for a cold, flu, cough, and stuffy nose
  • Nervines for improving sleep
  • Essential Oil recommendations

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