Ketosis is different than most diets as to most diets are only focused on calories in and calories out. A ketosis diet does not require calorie restriction and actually is supported by high protein and high fat foods which are satiating and satisfying. Ketosis only requires the removal of grains and starches which are typically nutritionally devoid and starchy vegetables and fruits while in phase 1. When in Ketosis, you may also want to consider Intermittent fasting which is said to mimic the habits of our ancestors who did not have restaurants and grocery stores and would roam for food and periodically skip meals or have a longer period of time in between meals or eating. In this Episode, Ali will discuss how to fast safely without being hungry but more importantly, she will explain the hormonal, blood glucose, and cognitive benefits of fasting.

Also covered in this episode:

  • How do you know if you are in Ketosis?
  • Biggest mistakes people make when in Ketosis
  • The power of protein and how much should you eat
  • Working out in Ketosis


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