Ali Miller RD LD and her two on staff Registered Dietitians: Carli Vogler RD LD (Co-host) and Lindsay Reno, all went to Atlanta Georgia for for training from the Institute of Functional Medicine. They went to both the Cardiometabolic and Immune Modules to continue learning cutting edge therapies to further enhance your food-as-medicine treatment plans! Listen to hear Ali and Carli’s biggest take-aways and “ah ha!” moments and where they believe functional medicine is headed.

Also in this episode, Ali answers 8 of listener’s burning questions including:

  • What t do you think could be the cause of break outs after work outs?
  • When is the best time to take a probitic?And what if I don’t react well to it?
  • High Cholesterol runs in my family, do I have to limit the number of eggs I eat?
  • What is something I can do for my reflux? Do I need to avoid acidic foods?
  • I keep getting yeast infections, how can I prevent these? tampon with yogurt???
  • Why has food combining never been addressed on your site?

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