In this Episode Ali gets personal by sharing the details of her first trimester of pregnancy. From struggles with getting pregnant to researching Doctors and midwives, Ali tells all in hopes that her story can help guide others to making the most informed choices as possible. Ali shares her most helpful tidbits about supplements, food, resources, bloodwork, and more! If you have ever thought about a home birth, skipping a glucose tolerance test, or even bio-identicals during pregnancy then be sure to tune in!

Also included in this episode:

  • Endometriosis physiology, symptoms, and treatments
  • Functional Medicine tests to prepare for pregnancy
  • Trimester 1 Symptoms
  • Glucose Tolerance Tests-ICK!
  • And more!

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  1. Thank you so much for all of the resources and knowledge you provide even to those of us who are far away!
    Upset mentioned in this episode that while trying to get pregnant you completed a Candida cleanse. Did you stop trying to conceive during those 6 weeks? Or did you continue with the intention of stopping if you found out you had called pregnant? Thanks again so much for any help!

    • Yes you can do the cleanse while trying to get pregnant and as you are watching your cycle/fertility window, you will know early on and can discontinue supplements if you do get pregnant with no concern. Enjoy the cleanse and remember to find time to relax!

  2. Hi Ali! Thanks for sharing your story!!

    I’ve been taking Maca and I noticed you said you stopped taking it but continued the progesterone. I’m wondering if maca should be discontinued when I get pregnant (hopefully will be soon!)? I’m not taking progesterone. Looking forward to your thoughts as I’m sure the MD I see won’t have many thoughts on Maca and it’s uses/benefits.

    • Peruvian women have been taking for years with healthy fertility, libido, and pregnancies. I started again once my milk stores were established with breastfeeding, but stopped during pregnancy to limit those untested formulas to my priorities and being on Progesterone, wasn’t concerned. I think there are benefits however especially if not on progesterone to support healthy hormone balance and stress resilience.

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