Are you confused about what the difference is between ketogenic, low-glycemic and low carb diets and which may be best for you? Are you experiencing stubborn weight loss and can’t decide what to do? Tune in to get full carb clarification!

In this Episode, Ali and Carli clarify the carb controversy! They discuss how many carbs is considered low vs ketogenic, when it is appropriate to fast and why it would be beneficial, and what carb choices are the best! Tune in to hear exactly what a balance day eating low carb is vs Ketogenic and why someone may want to chose one over the other. Ali discusses glucose as the primary source of fuel as well as how fat can also act as fuel and what this means for your health.

Also in this Episode:

  • Glucose vs glycogen vs glucagon

  • Intermittent fasting benefits

  • When NOT to fast

  • And more


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