Are you or someone you know a vegan or vegetarian and considering transitioning to a conscious omnivore or paleo lifestyle? Are you unsure of where to start and how to best support your body in the process? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki share their personal journeys from malnourished vegan to food freedom as well as suggestions for those looking to transition their lifestyle.

In this episode, Ali introduces her new cohost, Becki Yoo, and shares some exciting personal news! Ali and Becki discuss their own personal journeys with vegansim as well as their reasons for transitioning to an omnivore approach and delve into some of the common pitfalls of a vegan diet. While a vegan diet may be seen as health promoting for some or for a short time, we often find that the diet throws the body into further imbalance, especially with regards to leaky gut and digestive disturbances, hormonal imbalance and risk for autoimmune disease. Micronutrient deficiencies are also incredibly common in vegans and vegetarians as nutrients from plants are not as bioavailable as those found in animal foods. Find out what labs we suggest running and which supplements to consider whether you are currently a vegan or have recently transitioned!


Also in this Episode:

  • The Leaky Gut and Autoimmune Connection
  • The Influence of Stress on the Microbiome

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