Do you deal with IBS, constipation or are your bowel movements all over the map? Wondering if your poop is normal? Want to learn how to perfect your poop? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki dive into the often overlooked topic of constipation and what your poop is telling you about your overall health! Learn about why constipation can occur, what is considered “normal” when it comes to bowel movements and how you can achieve regularity in the restroom!


In this no-questions-off-limits episode, Ali and Becki explain why having a daily bowel movement is so important to overall health and what our poop can tell us about digestion, absorption, bacterial overgrowth and inflammatory status in the body! In the Naturally Nourished clinic, there is an entire section of a new client intake dedicated to digestion and 10+ questions about poop! Beyond conditions like IBS and IBD, bowel regularity is an essential part of feeling your best and detoxifying the body and when off can give us insights into what is going on beyond the surface. Learn about drivers of constipation from stress to travel to foods and drugs and get food as medicine and supplement recommendations to achieve regularity and feel your best!


Also in this episode:


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