Are you currently on birth control and wanting to consider other alternatives? Have you been on birth control in the past and wanting to take a natural approach to correct hormonal imbalance? Want to hear our take on all forms of hormonal and non-hormonal birth control? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki tackle this complex issue and address hormonal birth control from its history and evolution to the concerns for side effects and long term risks.


In this jam-packed episode, Ali and Becki take on the topic of hormonal birth control and address common concerns for those currently on birth control or who have taken it in the past.  Birth control is often prescribed to address hormonal symptoms like painful periods, acne or irregular cycles but ends up being a band aid approach that can mask the root cause of these issues and cause further dysfunction. Learn to rebalance your hormones naturally, cope with period symptoms and prepare your body for pregnancy after coming off birth control. Plus hear our take on seed cycling and learn why the fertility awareness method might be a non-hormonal birth control choice that is right for you!


Also in this Episode:

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  1. Loved hearing your support of FAM over hormonal birth control! You mentioned the luteal phase in this podcast and was wondering if you could help me at all. I normally ovulate between days 16-18 and my LP last for about 11-12 days. I’m now on my second cycle of a 15 day LP. Any thoughts as to why I would all of a sudden see a longer LP? I’ve lived a Keto lifestyle x1.5yrs now.

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