Want to know more about the 500+ functions of your liver? Curious about assessment of liver health and how you can support optimal function? Want to know about the role of detox and how you can support your liver on a daily basis using food as medicine? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki unpack the many functions of the liver from digestion and metabolism to detoxification, storage, immune support and beyond. Learn about reasons for liver dysfunction, how you can use keto as a tool to reverse fatty liver and get supplement recommendations to support optimal liver health.


In this episode, Ali and Becki focus on the liver as one of the largest and hardest working organs in the body responsible for digestion, metabolism, blood sugar balance, detoxification and beyond. Learn what exactly bile is and why it is so important to the digestive process, how the liver is connected to cholesterol and what substances are processed through the liver. Plus learn why keto can work for fatty liver, how to functionally assess and optimize liver function and how eating liver and support liver health!


Also in this episode:

What Does the Liver Do?

The Connection to Cholesterol

Signs of Liver Dysfunction

Substances that Influence Liver Function

Fatty Liver & Keto

Markers to Assess Liver Function

Supplements to Support Liver

Food As Medicine Support for Liver Health


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  1. Is it safe to detox the liver while pregnant? Are there certain herbs or detox supplements that shouldn’t be taken when pregnant (I.e your detox supplement, milk thistle or dandelion root?)

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