Are you ready to ramp up immune support for you and your family now that cold and flu season is hitting its peak? Want practical tips for what to do at the first sign of illness? Need to restock your “farmacy” with the immune supporting essentials? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki discuss the concept of orthomolecular supplementation or mega-dosing and learn what supplements can be used in a pulsed approach at the first sign of a sniffle. Learn about the difference between viruses and bacteria and how to best approach with natural remedies for systemic support.


In this episode, Ali and Becki break down the main reasons we get sick in the first place so we can bet understand prevention strategies on a diet and lifestyle level. Learn the diet basics to support your immune system and why sugar can wreak immunological havoc. Hear our take on essential oil use during times of need and get practical tips for supplement strategy and therapeutic foods that we use in our own homes, including those that are kid-friendly to support the whole family!


Also in this Episode:


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  1. Hi! I don’t see the recipe for the elderberry gummies. The antianxiety diet is wrapped under my tree so hoping to get a link here:)

  2. I loved this episode. I have my master tonic going already. I also wanted to confirm the two essential oils that work in synergy as antimicrobials – Lavender and echinacea?

  3. HI! This is by far my favorite episode yet! Thanks so much for the info… Can you tell me what the baseline is of Vit C for kids? And how much you pulse up during cold or times of sickness?

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