Are you curious about the impact of keto on your hormonal health and balance? Worried that keto will make you lose your hair or worse, your period? Want to know more about how carb cycling can benefit your hormonal balance at any age and stage of life? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki break down the topic of keto and women’s hormones from sexual hormone balance to adrenal and thyroid health. Get practical tips and tricks for supporting your body’s HPA stress axis so that you can keep on keto-ing on and maintain optimal hormonal health.


In this long-awaited episode, Ali and Becki cover the hot topic of keto and women’s hormones starting with the changes the body goes through when shifting from burning glucose to using fat as fuel. We’ll be the first ones to say that keto CAN stress the body and disrupt hormonal balance if done improperly in a stressed state! It is essential to ensure you are nourishing the body with adequate fuel while simultaneously managing stress to achieve optimal results. Learn how to implement carb cycling in connection with your menstrual cycle to mimic natural fluctuations in hormones to regulate cycle, achieve optimal fertility and reduce PMS symptoms. Plus hear us get into a rapid-fire Q&A on all your burning hormone questions!


Also in this Episode:


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  1. Hi! Can you make a podcast about HPA acis and ketogenic diet? I know you speak a lot about it but i would like to know how it specifically works with the ketogwnic diet.

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