Curious about bone health and how to support your skeletal system in all stages of life? Want to know how to best prevent osteoporosis and bone loss? Tune in to learn about the symptoms and risk factors for osteoporosis, how bone is structured and why we lose bone density as we age. Learn what foods and lifestyle choices can be detrimental to bone health and what you can do to support your skeletal system and maintain strong bones.

In this episode, Ali and Becki explain what causes osteoporosis and osteopenia and what you can do to prevent bone loss. From declining estrogen to overconsumption of refined sugar, our structural health can take a hit as we age. Learn how to best prevent age-related bone loss, how keto can benefit your bones and what supplements are essential to maintain healthy bones. Plus get tasty recipe ideas and learn why seaweed, canned wild salmon and leafy greens are your best friends when it comes to bone health.


Also in this episode:

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