Are you worried about the impact of keto on heart health? Still confused by all the misinformation about cholesterol and whether your diet has an impact? Want to hear a cardiologist’s opinion on the ketogenic diet? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki interview cardiologist Dr. Nadir Ali on how keto can support overall cardiovascular health with up to date research and real patient experiences.


In this episode, Ali and Becki take a deep dive into heart health including the quality of your cholesterol, what particle size can tell us about cardiovascular risk and why we need to look more deeply at inflammation. Dr. Ali has been practicing for over 25 years and has championed many aspects of the science and practice of low-carb since 2013. Learn about top markers to assess for cardiovascular disease, the pros and cons of statin drugs and what nutrients to focus on for heart health!


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About Dr. Nadir Ali


Nadir Ali is an interventional cardiologist with over 25 years of experience. He is also the chairman of the Department of Cardiology at Clear Lake Regional Medical Center. Before working as a cardiologist, he served as an assistant professor of medicine for eight years at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, where he also received his medical training. He has championed many aspects of the science and practice of a low-carb lifestyle in the local Clear Lake area since 2013. Ali organizes a monthly nutritional seminar in the Searcy Auditorium of the Clear Lake Hospital that receives more than 100 visitors every month from the local community. Improving people’s health is his goal.

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  1. Dear Dr. Ali, first of all allow me to thank you for the immense contribution you are making to heal the world. Your generosity in sharing your knowledge without any agenda is remarkable and inspiring. I have resolved many health issues by virtue of eating healthy, losing close to 50 lbs (from 220 to 170, I am 6ft tall and 66 yrs on a med to small frame), and practicing IF/OMAD and Keto. I am also alternatively doing muscle training and olympic walking at 70% cap, 6 T a week. I still have maybe 10 lbs of belly fat to lose. I would like to implement HIIT in my routine but hesitate because I have a CAC score of 110 with diffuse calcifications throughout my coronary arteries, with the RCA having a 50-60% stenosis. I am taking D3 (10,000/d)/K2-MK7(500mcg/d) in the hopes of reversing CAD. Do you think it ill advised to do HIIT? Best regards,

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