Are you constantly “on” or feel like you’re always in “fight or flight” mode? Can you relate to being a type A personality or an adrenaline junkie? Want to know how stress causes chaos in the body and what you can do to prevent its ill effects? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki break down the physiological influence of stress from its effects on gut health to how it can sabotage weight loss and drive blood sugar imbalance. Learn about strategies for mitigating excessive stress response and shifting the body back into regulatory mode.


In this episode Ali and Becki cover the basics of how stress influences the HPA axis and how constant stress can manifest in stressed and wired or stressed and tired mode. Learn how stress influences the microbiome, key nutrients that are depleted in stress response and how stress and weight gain may be related. Stress can come from a variety of endogenous sources such as an infection or even a food sensitivity as well as external sources like diet and environment, but the body often perceives all of these in a similar way, responding with adrenaline surge. Learn now to manage the sympathetic nervous system through diet and lifestyle hacks to get you back in thrive mode!


Also in this Episode:


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