Do you suspect Candida or SIBO is at the root of your digestive concerns? Want to know how to distinguish symptoms of candida overgrowth from small intestinal bacterial overgrowth? Curious about where to start with testing and treatment options? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki take a deep dive into bacteria and yeast overgrowth, assessment for overgrowth, compounds used clinically for treatment, biofilms, lifestyle elements of cleanse support and beyond!


In this episode, Ali and Becki go deep into the topic of candida and SIBO and discuss both the overlapping and distinguishing symptoms of both. Learn about assessment options from blood to stool to breath testing and how you can test at home with a probiotic challenge. Plus get insight into best treatment if dealing with candida or SIBO, how to support bowel motility, bust biofilms and more!


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This episode is sponsored by Further Food, a female owned and operated company that provides the highest quality food as medicine supplements including their Collagen Peptides, Pasture-Raised Gelatin Daily Turmeric Tonic and Mindful Matcha.

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  1. Do you still recommend 60 grams of carbohydrates for an athlete with SIBO? Is there a way to heal from SIBO without having to reduce carbohydrate intake to this extent for an athlete in a sport that requires carbohydrates such as olympic weight lifting? Would carbohydrate cycling be the best option?

    • If going through a SIBO cleanse likely need to look at other stressors (like competing and lifting, eeeek!) and try to reduce those during the active cleanse. And yes even olympic weight lifters can be fat fueled as primary energy source! Definitely keep grains out regardless and keep carb sources to fruits and starchy veg!

  2. I discovered Ali through her podcast after searching for “anxiety” and have been hooked on the show ever since. I’ve listened to this episode 4 times and I FINALLY got it. 😀 I’m currently in week 2 to of the Beat the Bloat cleanse and very excited to finally blast the bad guys out of my gut and regrow the good ones.

    I’ve spent years with anxiety disorder and recently went through a major depression with anxious features that seemed to come out of nowhere. I went to my GP so many times with physical symptoms (tremor, insomnia, vomiting, numbness, brain fog, panic attacks, depression, no appetite) and got tons of blood tests (Thyroid, inflammation, etc.) but everything turned out normal. Their only advice was to take an SSRI and sleeping medication and to see a therapist regularly. I knew this had to be more than just anxiety. This was physical.

    In my past, I spent years (yes, years) on antibiotics for acne and bladder infection, as well as oral birth control for about 10 years. I was also a very heavy drinker for about 10 years of my life. I suffered from postpartum depression twice (stress!). I have so many risk-factors that it’s no wonder my gut is likely out of whack! After taking the gut health quiz (in the Anti-Anxiety Diet book) and doing the probiotic challenge, I know now that my gut is where I need to focus on first in my health journey. Thank you so much, Ali, for shedding light on this subject! The gut is truly our second brain and I’m so happy to be giving my some much needed TLC. I look forward to continuing healing my body and mind so that I can be a better, happier mama, wife and friend.

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