Are you curious about adding carbs to your keto diet? Wondering what all the metabolic flexibility talk is about? Want to know if keto is sustainable and where it is headed in the future? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki discuss the potential benefits of adding carbs to your keto, why you shouldn’t be carb-phobic and how keto is evolving and changing. Learn about how you can expand your diet beyond the rigidity of tight keto and why this might be supportive of hormones, body composition, metabolism and beyond! 


In this episode, Ali and Becki define metabolic flexibility and talk about how individual differences in body composition, metabolism and exercise output level can impact your tolerance for carbs. Incorporating small amounts of real food carbs can not only provide food freedom and make keto feel more sustainable, they can also have some real benefits when it comes to the microbiome, nutrient density and diversity and hormone regulation. Learn how to listen to your body’s feedback can help you determine your carb threshold and get a refresher on why we (still) hate non-caloric sweeteners and why real food ALWAYS wins. Plus hear our predictions of where keto is headed in the future and how the worlds of real food keto and functional medicine are starting to overlap in a very positive way!


Also in this Episode:


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