Want to know what Maura and Danny Vega have to say about keto, carbs and carnivore? Curious about their philosophies on parenting, unschooling and feeding kids fat fueled? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki interview Danny and Maura Vega, the duo behind Fat Fueled Family. 

In this episode, Ali and Becki pick Maura and Danny’s brains about all things diet, exercise and mindset. Learn about their diet evolution, how stoic philosophy influences their household and what they eat in a day. 

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More about Maura and Danny:

Maura & Danny Vega are the dynamic duo behind Fat Fueled Family. Maura—classically trained in ballet, contemporary and other forms of dance, learned the importance of discipline and consistency at an early age.

Danny was a lifelong football player who finished his career at Columbia University. Danny’s obsession from as early as five years old was strength and conditioning. He was able to pursue this obsession as a collegiate strength and conditioning coach, and now, he gets to spend his days learning and teaching others about various topics such as performance nutrition, building muscle, and lifestyle coaching.

Maura is just as passionate about these topics, however she also educates mothers and families on how to eat a proper diet and give the most nourishing nutrition available to their children. Together, they are on a mission to boycott kid’s menus and empower families to take a much more active role in their health vs. being dependent on the pharmaceutical/healthcare industrial complex. They cohost the fat fueled family podcast, a weekly podcast dedicated to five main topics:




Peaceful parenting


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