Have you heard of neurotransmitters but not exactly sure what they do or how they are made? Want to know what impact serotonin, gaba and acetylcholine have on the brain and body? Curious how you can support brain chemical balance with food as medicine, lifestyle and supplements? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki deconstruct the role of your neurotransmitters from mood support to anxiety reduction to sleep and so much more. 


In this episode, Ali and Becki take a deep dive on 3 primary brain balancing chemicals–serotonin, gaba and acetylcholine. While serotonin is likely the most “known” neurotransmitter for its role in depression, your neurotransmitters act in a complex symphony of expression to support cognitive function, balanced mood, circadian rhythm and can even influence digestion and heart rhythm. Learn about the role of protein and probiotics in making your neurotransmitters, why B Vitamins are an essential cofactor for production and what foods can have a direct impact on your brain chemicals. 


Also in this Episode: 


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