Your body is wired with the ability to detoxify via the liver and the kidneys supported by excretion through urine, sweat, and stool; however many of us are in a state of overload from the 6+ billion pounds of toxins released in our environment annually. Taking the time to nourish this process both by clean eating and an abundance of the nutrients that support phase 1 and 2 biochemical processes aids in supporting optimal metabolism and whole body health. 


In this episode of the Naturally Nourished podcast, Ali and Becki discuss why you need to do a 10-day detox and how your body’s detox pathways work as well as the nutrients required to support them. When your body loses weight or body fat the adipocytes (fat cells) release toxins, often endocrine disruptors which can then wreak havoc on your metabolism, hormones, and neurological system often leading to a new undesired symptom or weight loss stall. A sound protocol focuses on metabolic reset while supporting digestive function both to enhance nutrient absorption, support gut integrity and microbiome balance, as well as supporting antioxidant capacity and anti-inflammatory effects. 


Ali will unpack the functional pathways of your body, sources of toxins, where plants fit, lifestyle support, and food-as-medicine to support detoxification. She also takes time to discuss hormesis or the impact of a stressor on the body to make it stronger in this episode speaking to the carnivore movement and anti-nutrients of plants, phytocompounds. Tune in to hear her approach on how bioflavonoids may serve as a stressor but if their outcomes are to support endogenous levels of glutathione and other well accepted beneficial compounds, there is an important place for them in our diet! 


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