With a brand new year (and decade!) just days away, many of us have resolutions and goals on the mind. Whether you are a resolution person or not, the new year can be a great time to reflect on where you are and where you want to go. Tune in to hear Ali and Becki talk about taking inventory of 2019, working with mantra to create the life you want and reveal their words of the year for 2020! 


While setting resolutions can seen trite or cheesy, creating focus and goals to ring in the new year can provide structure and accountability to ensure you achieve what you set out to do this next year. Learn about Ali’s method for reframing negative thoughts to create a mantra that resonates and hear about a full moon ritual that you can use to inspire growth at any time of year. Plus get rapid fire ideas on how to approach your goals this year, whether you desire weight loss, better digestion, more energy or to learn to cook! 


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  1. Listened to this episode (169) this morning and feeling so inspired! Even though its not technically a new year, my birthday is approaching which I always found to be a great time for reflection and my truer version of a new year. I am a summer solstice baby and I will be entering a new decade of life, hello 30’s. I have lot of vision and drive for the next chapter in my life and I instantly connected when you spoke about picking a word or two for your year ahead. AMAZING – what a great way to define the tone of whatever the year ahead will bring! The higher energy of this time often sends me soaring into an overwhelming state of surplus, and with little to no effort I instantly knew what I wanted my word to be. So I thought I would share with you ladies what I plan for my 2020/2021, since you generously share so much with us about yourselves. The word I picked is ‘small’- No overwhelming myself this year with my big picture visions, plans and goals. I tend forget its really all of the small things that add up and make the big stuff truly great. Don’t get me wrong I will still be setting my overall vision but focusing on more of the small steps to take in order to contribute to that vision, and allow it to become fulfilled naturally and organically, not forcefully. I have also embarked on your recent May Food as Medicine Ketosis program and the use of ‘small’ resonates even more for my own personal growth and a great motivator for consistency. Lastly, I know this will really help me when facing difficult times. Shifting my perception of the magnitude of the problem can really help reflect a minimal impact. Thank you so much! You ladies are such a motivating, inspiring and educational force, ever grateful and excited to keep learning together!

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