You asked, we answered in this Q&A all about keto! From keto crotch to keto while breastfeeding to the ever-present calorie debate, we cover the gamut of listener questions. Whether you are a keto newbie or an OG keto veteran, this episode is a deep dive into some of the common roadblocks we all face when approaching a fat-fueled lifestyle.


In this episode, Ali and Becki take a step back from writing and researching nerdy podcast episodes to let you guys, our listeners, run the show! We got such an overwhelming response to our call for questions that we have broken them out into multiple episodes and this first one will be on all things keto. Whether you are a long time listener or a brand new podcast fan, this episode is a great introduction to our real food approach to keto and how we problem solve common issues that might be halting your progress. Get tangible advice for navigating sugar cravings, whether keto can be an 80/20 approach, how to sub dairy in common keto recipes and how you can do keto even without a gallbladder. 


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