You guys asked, we answer in this special Q&A episode all about hormones! We talk about women’s hormones all the time but this episode really breaks down the function of estrogen and progesterone, how levels shift throughout the cycle and lifetime and how the delicate balance of hormones can be thrown off by stress, endocrine disruptors and more. Learn how addressing hot flashes as an inflammatory symptom can make all the difference in getting ongoing resolution and how you can support your system through hormone transitions. Plus get insight into supporting optimal fertility, addressing hormonal weight gain and how stress is intricately connected to PCOS and other hormonal conditions. 

In this episode, Ali and Becki answer your burning questions about topics ranging from hot flash relief to balancing hormones while on birth control to how the microbiome impacts estrogen conjugation and detox. Learn what happens to hormones after a procedure like an ablation and how proteolytic enzymes can help support a hospitable uterine environment, our take on hormone replacement therapy and best place to start with lab testing and supplementation when a hormonal imbalance is suspected. Plus get the skinny on flax seeds and other hormone modulating compounds and how genetics can impact your estrogen status!

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