One of the most common questions we hear both in clinic and from podcast listeners is “but I already eat a squeaky clean keto or paleo diet, do I really need supplements?” The answer is YES as even individuals with the “perfect” diet can see micronutrient deficiency based on demand of their body during times of increased stress, injury, illness, pregnancy and beyond. There are so many factors that contribute as well to inability to absorb or utilize the nutrients we are consuming from genetic variants like MTHFR to gut integrity issues. Not to mention that we can even see inadequate intake of certain nutrients if restricting specific foods or based on changes in farming practices and sourcing. Tune in to hear Ali and Becki tackle common reasons for deficiency and how use of high dose nutrients can accelerate outcomes, support metabolic pathways and ultimately lead to optimal health! 


In this episode, we cover the multitude of reasons that you need supplements to thrive in your body and how we use strategic supplementation both clinically and personally to get into superhuman mode. Whether looking to drive remission with autoimmune disease, optimize hormones, or just feel more resilient to stress, you will learn how we use functional targeted nutritional supplementation to yield clinical results. Plus learn how supplements can replace potentially harmful over the counter and prescription medications and actually address the root cause for ongoing resolution versus a bandaid quick-fix that will likely drive dysfunction down the line! 


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This episode is sponsored by the Naturally Nourished supplement line: these pure, potent and effective formulas have been hand selected to deliver profound health benefits. We price our formulas 2-5% below market industry standard and competitors and guarantee that our products will always be third party assessed to ensure they are free of mold, toxins, contaminants, and contain the stated active ingredients in dosages noted. 

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This episode is also sponsored by Further Food, a female owned and operated company that provides the highest quality food as medicine products including their Collagen Peptides, Pasture-Raised Gelatin Daily Turmeric Tonic and Mindful Matcha. Use code ALIMILLERRD at checkout for 10% off!


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  1. I care for my grandfather who is 94! He has been in good health his entire life. As he ages our #1 struggle is with constipation. He wouldn’t listen to a podcast so I was wondering if there was a way to get this discussion in a printable format for him to read? I see where I can print little snippets but not the entire transcript. I think he would then understand why I shy away from over the counter remedies and choose food over pharmaceutical.

    Maybe there is a way to get the entire transcript and I am just missing it?

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