Are you interested in enhancing your memory, focus or clarity? Feel like you’re not as sharp as you used to be or need a leg up with concentration and productivity? Want to prevent age related cognitive decline and keep your edge? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki unpack the reasons cognitive decline can occur in the first place, from stress to lack of sleep to diet. Learn how keto can be a tool to prevent age-related decline and enhance brain function at any age and stage of life, why processed food is terrible for your brain and how nootropics can support optimal performance. 


In this episode, Ali and Becki break down the drivers of decreased cognitive decline, providing solutions for each with food as medicine and targeted nutritional supplementation.  Learn about essential nutrients for supporting cognition and how an antioxidant-rich diet can protect your brain. If you’ve experienced brain fog or felt like your memory is just not what it used to be, this episode will provide solutions and strategies for getting your brain back! 


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