Are you new to keto and dealing with keto flu symptoms? Transitioning back to keto but want to avoid fatigue or headaches? Want to know why some get keto flu while others transition with ease? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki review common symptoms of keto flu and discuss how electrolyte and insulin fluctuations play a role. Learn about favorite tricks to ease the transition and how to fine tune your keto for best outcomes. 


Keto Flu can be an unpleasant transitional phase when first getting into ketosis and can also be experienced by keto veterans if electrolytes are off or in the case of certain nutrient deficiencies. In this episode, Ali and Becki talk about common keto flu symptoms, why some are more susceptible than others, and ways to cope with food-as-medicine to combat muscle cramps, headaches, fatigue and beyond. They also answer your burning listener questions on keto and adrenal fatigue, OMAD, testing ketones and what to do if just not getting that keto high!


Also in this episode:


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