Are you getting enough Vitamin C? Deficiency in this important antioxidant goes way beyond scurvy and can play a role in hormonal imbalance, chronic fatigue, elevated C-reactive protein and many other disease states. Tune in to hear Ali and Becki unpack deficiency trends, the mechanism of action of vitamin C or how it works in immune health, its role on brain function, adrenals, and more!


The role of Vitamin C is often overlooked or thought of for occasional use for immune support, but there are but there are such broad uses and needs including cortisol metabolism, headaches, fertility, and as an ongoing supporter to aid in optimal immune response. In this episode, Ali and Becki cover recent promising studies on Vitamin C for COVID-19 and RSV, how quercetin paired with Vitamin C can have even more impact on viral replication, and our favorite ways to get more Vitamin C in the diet. 


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