Are you dealing with nausea, heartburn, reflux or upper gut drama? It could be H. Pylori, a very common bacterial infection that affects upwards of 50% of the global population. Though common, left untreated H. Pylori can be serious, driving peptic ulcers as well as progression into stomach cancer. Tune in to hear us cover diagnosis and conventional treatment as well as functional medicine approaches, supplements and food-as-medicine solutions.


In this episode, we break down the symptoms, risk factors, and diagnosis of H. Pylori and why you should pay attention to what your gut is telling you! This bacteria is particularly contagious and can affect the entire household as well as be passed back and forth between family members. Learn how you can use natural compounds to prevent and treat infection, from sulforaphane to berberine to oil of oregano and beyond and how to approach gut healing from the root cause.


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