Are you dealing with dry eye, vision changes or concerned about eye health? Want to know just how bad screen time is and how to offset its impact? Curious about nutrients to support eye health? Tune in to hear us discuss the major drivers of eye stress and disease, nutrients to support eye health and even how to navigate screen time!


In this episode, we cover current research on how blue light impacts circadian rhythms and even the physiology of the eyes! Learn how blue blockers and screen filters can help, ways to set healthy screentime boundaries, and how you can protect your family’s vision with a nutrient dense diet. Plus we discuss best supplements for eye health at any stage and those that can help combat dry eye, glaucoma, macular degeneration and beyond! 


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This episode is sponsored by Santa Cruz Medicinals, makers of potent and affordable CBD with effective dosing. For more information check out and use code ALIMILLERRD for 15% off your order. 


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