Can cured meat, more specifically salami, possibly be healthy? What should you look for when selecting cured meat? How often can you eat it? Tune in to hear us answer these questions and more in this interview with Anthony and Kazmira Pedonesi of The Salumeria. 


The Salumeria provides the most nutritious pork based protein in the form of salumi. Their hogs are peacefully grazing on a 250-acre pasture in Rockdale, Texas. In this episode, you will learn how Anthony has carried on a family tradition while shifting to regenerative farming practices and creating a cured meat product that you can safely eat every day! From the diet of their hogs, to the swiss chard used in curing, to the attention to detail in all their recipes, this family business story will inspire you and leave your mouth watering!


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Anthony comes from a long line of salumi makers, originating in Rome, Italy. His family bartered and traded for other goods with their salumi. After many hard years in IT and finance, Anthony and Kazmira decided to take the leap into the family business as their son Declan was eager to learn the ropes.


Whether it was a young Anthony making salami with his father on the picnic table with a hand crank meat grinder, or a young Gerardo butchering a goat with his uncle for a festive occasion. The Salumeria was born inside of its founders at a young age. Traditions and recipes passed down for generations have inspired us.


The experience as children seeded a romantic idea of sharing this craft, but it was having our own families that solidified the need to build a salumeria. Taking what we had learned and turning it into a passion for our children has become the greatest adventure of our lives. 

We don’t measure success by how many pounds of salumi leave the curing chamber, but rather how much joy we observe in our children as the meat cures. The Salumeria has become synonymous with la famiglia, and we are happy to invite your family to be a part of ours.


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