“We all say we would die for our children–but would you LIVE for your children?” Matt Beaudreau really got us thinking with that one…and so much more solid gold he delivers in this episode. As the founder of Acton Academy, a school that utilizes the Socratic method, Matt might just be one of our very favorite podcast guests to date! Tune in to hear us pick his brain on intentional parenting, instilling personal responsibility, and raising free range kids while avoiding the dangerous traps of conveyor belt schooling! 


In this episode, we interview Matt on where education has gone wrong, the difference between systemic schooling and real education, and how to unschool our kids. Learn how he started a school based on self-direction and asking questions that completely bucks the norm of education in this country and be inspired to make shifts in your parenting to support character development and independence. 


More About Matt Beaudreau:

As a Keynote Speaker, Consultant, and Coach to organizations around the world, Matt has a reputation as a provocative thought leader in educational and personal development practices. He is a two-time featured TEDx speaker and he was named Corporate Trainer of the Year at Stanford University, having spoken to over 250,000 people across the world.


In 2017, Matt Beaudreau Founded Acton Academy Placer;  a school that utilizes the Socratic method, with an emphasis on self-direction and cultivating confident, independent young people with a strong sense of character and personal responsibility. He has since helped to open multiple campuses around the world. 


Pulling from his experience in the Acton model, in January of 2021, Matt co-founded Apogee Strong with Tim Kennedy, a mentorship program designed for young men from 12 to 22 to take on challenges presented by men who have come before them, in order to learn to lead. It is a right of passage through mentorship, action, and self-discovery so that young men can become true leaders.


His podcast, The Essential 11, is also geared towards emerging leaders, garnering advice from the world’s leaders in business, sports, music and entertainment.


Also in this episode: 


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