Are you losing hair? Wondering how much loss is normal and when to be concerned? Looking for natural solutions to regrow healthy hair? Tune in to hear us discuss hair loss and thinning, from the cycles of hair growth, to why your hair might be falling out, to what you can do about it from a functional medicine perspective! 


By age 50, over half of women will complain of hair loss and by age 35 we can see this impacting over 60% of men. If you’re losing hair, conventional treatments like Rogaine and Propecia or hiding under a baseball cap are far from the only options. In this episode, we unpack the different types of hair loss as well as main drivers, including stress, hormonal imbalance, nutrient deficiency, and genetics, and provide food as medicine and supplement solutions. Plus we discuss post-COVID hair loss, postpartum hair loss, and whether some of the buzzworthy products like Nutrafol are worth a try.


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