What is a food forest and why would you want to start one? Are lawns a total waste of space? How can you take steps toward ensuring your family’s food security? Tune in to hear us interview Jim Gale of Food Forest Abundance, a company whose mission is to build a free, healthy, and abundant society for generations to come. 


In this episode, we discuss how to grow your own food, profit from produce, and create an abundant food ecosystem for generations to come! Jim shares why he would like to see food forests growing in every community and in every yard around the world and how we can make this vision a reality. 


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This episode is sponsored by Wild Foods, a company that puts quality, sustainability, and health first in all of their products. They have everything from coffee to turmeric to medicinal mushrooms, and every single product is painstakingly sourced from small farms around the globe. They take their mission seriously to fix the broken food system, and believe real food is medicine. They’ve partnered with us to give you guys an exclusive discount, so use the code ALIMILLERRD for 12% off your order at WildFoods.co


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