Want to have your mind absolutely blown? Tune in to hear us interview Kate Kavanaugh, farmer, butcher, nutritionist, and overall badass! We heard Kate speak at the What Good Shall I Do Conference out at Roam Ranch and have had a total intellectual crush on her ever since. 


In this episode, we discuss why death is an essential part of the life cycle and how there is no such thing as a deathless diet. Kate describes in beautiful detail why we literally are what we eat and connects the dots between the microorganisms and minerals in our soil, the amino acids in meat, and the way that these nourish our bodies and connect us to a world much greater than ourselves. 


About Kate Kavanaugh:

Kate Kavanaugh is a farmer, butcher, nutrition therapist, and host of the Mind, Body, and Soil Podcast. She saw first hand the power of meat to heal her own body and in seeking out farmers and ranchers raising meat with holistic practices, she found the power of meat to heal land, too. In 2013, she opened Western Daughters Butcher Shop in Denver, Colorado. Kate is now host of the Mind, Body, and Soil podcast where she is devoted to digging in deep with guests, finding the threads of what it means to be humans woven into this earth. In her spare time, Kate raises goats, pigs, cows, and poultry on a small farm in upstate New York.


Also in this episode:

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