Are you squeamish about eating organs? Heard about the benefits but scared to try? Want to know how organs and other traditional foods can improve athletic performance, energy and so much more? Tune in to hear us interview the founders of Noble Origins, Harry Gray and Brett Ender, on how and why you should eat more organs! 


In this episode, we interview Brett and Harry, hosts of The Meat Mafia Podcast and co-founders of Noble Origins, a once-daily, animal-based form of nutrition. We dig into the benefits of eating organs and discuss ways to get them into the diet for those who have aversions or fear. Plus we discuss their perspective as athletes on why a nutrient dense, real food diet matters–a must listen for high school and college athletes!


About Brett & Harry: 

Brett & Harry are the hosts of The Meat Mafia Podcast, which addresses fundamental problems in our food and healthcare system. Their principles are simple: eat real foods, buy locally, and cook your own meals. They are advocates of Carnivore & animal-based forms of eating. Brett used a carnivore diet to put his Ulcerative Colitis & IBS into full remission. 


Brett & Harry also co-founded Noble Origins in 2023 with Colin Stuckert. Noble is a once-daily, animal-based form of nutrition that blends the most nutrient-dense foods into a delicious and convenient powder. Noble is amazing with smoothies, coffee, yogurt, etc! 


Brett & Harry are also competitive low-carb ultra-endurance athletes, having completed Ironmans, 100K ultra-marathons, marathons, and numerous triathlons. 


Also in this episode: 

Brett & Harry’s Story

How Noble Origins was Born

Advice for Athletes

Why Organs are Nature’s Multivitamin

Sourcing of Noble

Favorite Organ Recipes

Keto Beef Liver Meatballs

Liver Pills

Superfood Chicken Nuggets

Liver meatloaf with bacon & caramelized onion

Pate & Puree

Peanut Butter Liver Pate

Where to find Brett & Harry

The Meat Mafia Podcast on Apple Podcasts

The Meat Mafia Instagram (@themeatmafiapodcast) 

The Meat Mafia Podcast Twitter (@themeatmafiapod)


better nutrition Instagram (

Noble Organs Complex – Five Bovine Organs use code ALIMILLERRD for a free bag! 


This episode is sponsored by:

Noble Origins, an animal-based organs focused company serving up Nose-To-Tail Protein With Organs, Collagen, & Colostrum. Our Noble Organs Complex is a powdered blend of high-quality beef organs from New Zealand-sourced grass-fed Beef liver, heart, kidney, pancreas, and spleen. Bring Nose-to-tail nutrition to the masses that need it most: Americans. We do this through a delicious once-a-day shake that the whole family can love. Check it out here and use code ALIMILLERRD to get a free bag of Noble Organs Complex at checkout.

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