Are you still eating gluten and wondering if you should try giving it up for good? Wondering if there is a downside to going gluten free? Want to know our take on a gluten free diet for optimal health? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki discuss the difference between celiac disease, gluten sensitivity and the spectrum of symptoms that can fall in between. Learn why modern day wheat in the U.S. is so problematic and why gluten sensitivity is on the rise, conditions that benefit most from a gluten free diet and how you might still be getting exposed to gluten even if following a ketogenic or paleo diet.

In this Episode, Ali and Becki cover the basics of gluten sensitivity, how gluten can drive leaky gut and why anti-nutrients could be a concern. Beyond bothersome symptoms, there are certain conditions for which a gluten free diet is a major part of a functional healing approach from Hashimoto’s to mood disorders. Learn about why Ali and Becki routinely prescribe a gluten free diet to all clients, favorite swap outs and what supplements can aid with gluten exposure.

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  1. I have to take a little issue with this. In your review of What the Health?! you made it clear that a minor correlation with a given disease isn’t enough reason to omit meat. But here you’re arguing a minor issue with gluten is enough to omit it. Seems a bit of a mixed message here. Just something to think about.

    • Actually the gluten episode is not about correlation at all it is about direct relationships and epithelial lining damage from gliadin compound as well as the mechanism of action of zonulin protein on gut junctions and the role that gluten plays. There is a big difference!

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