Wondering about the role that stress plays in the development and progression of autoimmune disease? Curious about how a stressful situation can drive an immune system flare? Want to hear more of Ali’s personal story of dealing with autoimmune disease? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki break down the connection of excess stress to imbalanced immune system, inflammatory and metabolic function.


In this episode, Ali and Becki break down the multitude of factors that can created a stressed or imbalanced state in the body, the function of the HPA axis and what happens when the system goes into under or over-performance. Plus, Ali shares her personal story with autoimmune disease, from onset of symptoms to the search for diagnosis to how stress impacts her immune state present day. Learn about her struggle with Raynauds and onset of endometriosis and how this led her to diet change and a functional approach to her own treatment at Bastyr University. Learn about functional testing approaches, what labs Ali runs on herself on a yearly basis and what supplements she is currently taking to manage autoimmune disease and thrive versus merely survive!


Also in this Episode:


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