Are you dying to know what Ali has been feeding Stella? Curious about her food philosophy for babies and toddlers? Want to get the low down on Stella’s food as medicine and supplement game that has kept her healthy and thriving? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki discuss Baby Led Weaning, developing your toddler’s palate and what optimal eating looks like for a two year old!


In this Episode, Ali and Becki discuss signs of readiness for food, when to start introducing first foods and how conventional approaches have got it all wrong when it comes to optimal eating for babies and toddlers. Learn how a paleo approach can be incredibly nourishing for developing little ones’ brains and bodies, how much carbs, protein and fat kiddos really need and whether supplements are necessary to support optimal development and immune function. Plus, hear what Stella eats on a typical day and learn about her menu for her second birthday!


Also in This Episode:


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  1. I have always heard to introduce allergenic foods early to help prevent allergies….what are your thoughts on this, because in the podcast you held off on certain foods?

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