Want to know our take on non-caloric sweeteners like stevia, monkfruit and erythritol? Have you wondered if these zero calorie “natural” options are too good to be true? Want to know why we don’t have a SINGLE recipe with non-caloric sweeteners? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki discuss this controversial topic live from KetoCon.


In this Episode Ali and Becki take on the topic of non-caloric sweeteners and why they have no place in a real food diet. From their highly processed nature to the impact on insulin and the gut microbiome, the emerging trend of keto-friendly desserts and treats might be more dangerous than we think. Ali emphasizes the focus on whole real foods in their least refined form and why it may be more reasonable to use minimal amounts of nutritive sweeteners while shifting your palate from an unnatural sweetness to channeling savory.


Supportive supplements discussed:

GI Lining Support Powder to curb sugar cravings and heal leaky gut

GABA calm to reduce impulse and binge eating while supporting relaxation in times of transition and stress

Calm and Clear as a foundational formula to support stress reactivity and resilience while promoting a restful state and improving mental clarity

Bundle Bacteria and Yeast cleanse to reset microbiome and reduce imbalanced bacteria that can drive sugar cravings or get thrown off by use of artificial sweeteners

Books and programs discussed:

Virtual Food-as-Medicine Ketosis class a 12-week program focusing on real food as medicine while applying elements of functional medicine support

Beat the Bloat Candida and Dysbiosis cleanse a 6 week cleanse to plow the gut microbiome to reset for probiotic support and improve mood, digestion, reduce inflammation and bloating

Anti-Anxiety Diet my new book coming out July 2018!

Naturally Nourished cookbook, my first book that features over 100 anti-inflammatory recipes and includes my favorite real food sweeteners


Blogs and other podcast episodes discussed:

Insulin Resistance blog

Maca Cacao Fat bombs

Chocolate Peanut Butter gelatin

Stella’s 2nd birthday cake flourless chocolate


Favorite products discussed:

FBombs nut butter packs that have no artificial sweeteners, use code AliMillerRD to get 20% off first order!

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