Did you miss KetoCon this year but still want to get the highlights? Curious to know about emerging trends in the keto world? Want to hear about our favorite new products before they hit the grocery store? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki recount their experience at KetoCon 2018, from the awesome new products and old faithful staples to the stories shared and the hugs given!

In this Episode, Ali and Becki review the best new products sampled at KetoCon and explain why some of the tried and true are still their favorites! Plus hear about what products from the swag bags went straight in the trash and why! Learn about trends in the lectures from n=1 self experimentation to the movement toward real food to the focus on mental health and stress. Hear about the new connections made, some exciting upcoming podcast guests and hear Ali answer burning questions about keto asked at the conference!

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