Are you a health professional or nutrition student wanting to get your foot in the door of functional medicine? Want to know how Ali got started and what programs are worth checking out? Curious about what Ali and Becki do on a daily basis? Tune in to learn all about the difference between conventional and functional medicine and how being an RD allows Ali to have one foot in each modality. Learn about the difference between being a nutritionist and a Registered Dietitian and the pros and cons of each and get resources for starting your journey or advancing your education!


In this episode, Ali shares her background in functional medicine and the decisions that led her to her current career as an RD along with tips for navigating various programs and certification pathways. Hear from both Ali and Becki on what the most helpful parts of their training have been so far, the importance of finding a great mentor and why context is so important!


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This episode is sponsored by Further Food, a female owned and operated company that provides the highest quality food as medicine supplements.


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