Want to know what distinguishes our approach to keto from other keto programs and schools of thought? Curious about the therapeutic benefits of keto beyond weight loss? Want hard scientific evidence to help you back up your keto lifestyle? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki define what it means to use ketosis as medicine for weight loss, regulation of neurological conditions and reduction of inflammation. Learn WHY keto works for conditions like diabetes and obesity, dementia, anxiety, infertility, cancer and beyond and how to tweak your keto approach to achieve maximum benefit!


In this episode, Ali and Becki share their personal journeys with keto and define what it means to use ketosis as medicine across a wide range of applications. Learn how we produce ketones and the main mechanisms that make ketone bodies such powerful fuel or our brains and bodies. From muscle sparing and fat burn to reduction of cravings to antioxidant activity and neuroregeneration, ketones can do some pretty amazing things. Get our take on ketone testing and learn about how a real food approach along with high quality supplements can take your keto to the next level!


Also In This Episode:

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)

C-Reactive Protein




Lipoprotein particle distribution for lipids (cholesterol)

TSH, T3, T4, rT3, TPO

Vitamin D


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