Are you dealing with acne, dark circles, or fine lines? Has your skin lost its glow? Want to simplify your skincare routine? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki interview Ashley Terry of Grace Holistic Skin. As an esthetician, Ashley’s focus is on nourishing the skin from within and using a food as medicine approach to heal common skin concerns. Learn why Ashley recommends ditching the constant SPF, how gua sha can support lymphatic drainage and what to do when a zit pops up the day before a big event! 


In this episode Ali and Becki pick Ashley’s brain about all things holistic skincare. Learn why oil cleansing can balance your skin, why you shouldn’t be washing your face so often and why wearing sunscreen all day every day might not be the best idea. Plus hear which of Ashley’s amazing skincare products we have been loving recently and what supplements she recommends for glowing skin. 


More About Ashley:

Ashley Terry is a Licensed Esthetician whose passion for nutrition and wellness led her to becoming a Certified Nutritional Aesthetics Practitioner. Knowing that beauty is more than skin deep and most skin concerns have an internal origin, she uses a food as medicine approach to help her clients heal their skin while encouraging them to give themselves grace along the way. Ashley is also a mama of four slowly building a homestead with her husband in rural Northwest Washington.


Also in this episode:


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