When it comes to weight loss, is diet or exercise more important? Is the often discussed 80/20 rule true? What about calories in, calories out? Tune in to hear us discuss the science behind the exercise vs. diet debate, whether your FitBit is accurately capturing calorie burn, and how to support sustainable weight loss! 


All too often, we see clients go hard on exercise and let diet fall by the wayside, or overeat to compensate for the calories they “earned”. In this episode, we unpack the myths behind exercise for weight loss and discuss the issues with the “calories in, calories out” philosophy. Learn how keto can support sustainable fat loss, reduction of cravings, and can enhance the benefits of your workout. Plus we discuss the benefits of exercise and how much and how hard the research shows you need to exercise. 


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This episode is sponsored by KetoCon! I am so excited to share that I will be speaking at/attending KetoCon Austin on July 8 – 10 this summer! KetoCon is an annual event held at the Palmer Event Center in Austin, TX. It is the largest event in the U.S. focused solely on the science and stories of living a ketogenic diet and lifestyle. It will feature over 50 speakers who are a combination of medical professionals, researchers, bloggers, technology developers, fitness experts and every day people who have used the ketogenic diet and lifestyle to improve their health. For discounted tickets, go to ketocon.org and click on the GET TICKETS button and use the discount code: nourished10 at checkout and receive a 10% discount code on 3-Day General Admission passes.

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