Are Your Habits Toxic?! Want to know our thoughts on vaping, chocolate, and wearable devices? What about eyelash extensions and gel nails? Tune in to hear us cover these common trends and habits that might be doing you more harm than good. 


Not trying to burst anyone’s bubble, but in this episode we’ll be covering the dirty truth about 5 potentially toxic habits. We’ll discuss cost-benefit, risks, and whether you need to completely stop or whether there are things to mitigate. We’ll also share our favorite less toxic alternatives as well as supplement and lifestyle measures you can use to safeguard against the ill effects of these habits! 


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This episode is sponsored by FOND Bone Broth Tonics, Your Sous Chef in a Jar. FOND is slow simmered and lovingly tended from simmer to seal. They partner with organic farms and hand-pick and pair ingredients to optimize absorption and taste. Use code NATURALLYNOURISHED to save at


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