Are you or a loved one dealing with inflammatory bowel disease? Want to know how you can reduce inflammation and get IBD into remission? Looking for natural solutions for Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis? Tune in to hear us cover the symptoms, diagnosis, and root causes of IBD in this informative episode. 


In this episode, we compare conventional approaches to IBD with a functional medicine approach using the Remove, Restore, Repair framework. Learn about essential tools for remission, our favorite therapeutic foods and supplements, and how the microbiome plays an important role. 



This episode is also sponsored by FOND Bone Broth Tonics, Your Sous Chef in a Jar. FOND is slow simmered and lovingly tended from simmer to seal. They partner with organic farms and hand-pick and pair ingredients to optimize absorption and taste. Use code ALIMILLERRD to save at

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