Did you miss our Women’s Wellness Workshop? Want to get in on the fun and hear about this amazing event? Curious if we’ll be doing another one? Tune in to hear us recap the entire event, from the menu to the breakout stations to the lecture content and more! 


In this episode we break down the concepts of fortitude and fluidity and why we all could use a little more of both these days. Hear Ali’s top tips on immune resilience (and the latest megatron schmariant), tools for coping with stress, and favorite tricks for fasting and hormone balance. Plus we answer listener questions on keratosis pilaris, why we’ll never be dietitians who condone processed food, and favorite evening snacks! And hint, hint…we are so invigorated and inspired by those who attended that we will be hosting a full blown women’s retreat in March! Listen for details on how to reserve your spot or head over to the show notes for more! 


Also in this episode: 


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