Today’s podcast guest, Lindy Bulsterbaum, lost 100 pounds and regained her health using a ketogenic diet. From her wake up call in 2017 to the first time she set foot in a gym to now waking up before the sun to get her workout in, hear about Lindy’s inspiring journey and how she has truly revolutionized her wellness! 


In this episode, we interview Lindy, a teacher, personal trainer and health coach on finding keto and transforming her health, diet mishaps, and how her keto has evolved over time. Hear us discuss finding real food freedom (for real…not the “all foods fit” version) and how her life has changed since losing the excess weight and finding a passion in fitness and wellness. Plus learn about Lindy’s pre and post surgery protocol and her favorite Naturally Nourished Supplements!


More About Lindy:

Lindy is a 43 year-old teacher in San Antonio, Texas. She has 2 children, is the wife of a San Antonio fireman, and has spent the last 4.5 years revolutionizing her health and wellness. She has found a passion for optimal health and loves helping others go from sick & feeling helpless, as she once did, to feeling empowered and feeling great! She has become a certified personal trainer and began a health coaching business (COMPASS Wellness) with two of her dearest friends, Alyssa Rodgers and Terri Barrios. Together, they share their unique experiences and methods to help women of all ages navigate their wellness journeys! As a wife, mother, teacher, and small-business owner, Lindy is passionate about showing others that if she can go from her before to her after, they can too – one choice at a time!


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