Have you ever gotten an IV nutrient drip? Tempted by the promises of better energy, clearer skin, clearing a hangover, or improving your immunity? Before you go out and spend hundreds of dollars on an IV drip at one of the trendy “drip bars”, you need to listen to this episode! We discuss the health claims and evidence (or lack thereof), risks and safety concerns, and whether or not we are on board with IV nutrient therapy. 


In this episode, we discuss the buzzworthy trend of IV nutrient therapy. While it may sound promising to have a megadose of vitamins infused directly into your veins, there are some serious drawbacks and limitations to this type of infusion. Some nutrients in these infusions are in poor quality forms, while others are coupled with preservatives and parabens that may do more harm than good. Learn about risks and benefits, who should absolutely not get an IV drip, and why we prefer high quality oral supplementation. 


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